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Regulation and Ecosystem Workgroup. The inherent complexity and diversity of Regulatory and industry compliance obligations across jurisdictions are challenging Enterprise cloud adoption and conduct of business across jurisdictions and borders. As cloud services generally span jurisdictional boundaries, they are influenced and governed by regulatory obligations at local, federal, international and industry level. Regulatory compliance requires proactive focus from cloud subscribers, cloud service providers and other entities in the ecosystem.

The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) recognizes this important need. An open and transparent approach to regulation is fundamental for the acceleration and adoption of cloud computing services. The ODCA Regulation and Ecosystem work group exists to drive broad adoption of cloud computing services while meeting regulatory and industry compliance obligations.

  • Vision statement: The ODCA Regulation and Ecosystem workgroup exists to Influence and accelerate enterprise cloud adoption and regulatory compliance through the implementation of sustained, cost effective, and integrated regulatory compliance controls and practices to balance regulatory obligations with innovation and strategic business value.

    The ODCA Regulation and Ecosystem workgroup will foster clear and transparent understanding of legal and regulatory context, obligations, and compliance requirements across the cloud ecosystem. Our aim is to enable simple, effective and sustained regulatory compliance across the cloud computing ecosystem. Cloud services generate true value when enterprise practices for supporting business requirements, and supporting regulatory compliance obligations well integrated and simple to implement.

  • Objectives: The ODCA Regulation and Ecosystem work group charter is underpinned by three key objectives:

  • Foster transparent understanding of regulatory obligations and industry standards

    A shared and common understanding of regulatory compliance drivers and obligations is fundamental for the design of cloud adoption practices and controls.

    The ODCA Regulation and Ecosystem work group will educate and inform cloud subscribers and providers on regulatory compliance policies, obligations, and industry standards. This will facilitate the assessment of regulatory compliance implications within the selection, adoption and implementation lifecycle of cloud services. Outputs from the working group will include Usage Models, frameworks, good practices, seminars, and initiatives with standards organizations.

  • Define Risk Management and Control requirements and processes to support regulatory compliance

    Regulatory compliance needs to become an integral part of doing business, while balancing costs, value, risks and benefits.

    The ODCA Regulation and Ecosystem work group will define voice of the customer based requirements, control frameworks and risk management practices to support cost effective implementation of regulatory compliance obligations. This will include Usage Models, frameworks, good practices, seminars, and integration with peer ODCA work groups to synthesise common understanding and direction. Our goal is to support organizations to graduate themselves through the appropriate levels of Cloud maturity as defined within ODCA CMM 2.0 (Cloud Maturity Model).

  • Influence Regulators and Policy Makers

    There is a need to reduce current regulatory complexity, while also addressing business and consumer requirements driven by value generation drivers such as privacy, security, intellectual property, service continuity, portability, inter-operability, and stability.

    The ODCA Regulation and Ecosystem work group will Influence the simplification and harmonisation of regulatory policy landscape to support innovation and competitive outcomes driven by adoption of cloud computing. This will require collaboration and dialog with industry, governments and standards organizations.
  • New responsibilities: The ODCA Regulation and Ecosystem work group will take overall ownership of “Standards Body collaboration” on behalf of the Alliance. The goal of collaborating with Standards Bodies is to ensure the Standards ecosystem supports the customer driven requirements proposed through ODCA Usage Models. In this role, the work group members will:

  • Facilitate the assessment of collaboration benefits with various standards bodies.
  • Make recommendation on collaboration opportunities to the TCC and ODCA Board.
  • Provide a broader pool of Technical and Commercial liaison points with the standard bodies ecosystem, by leveraging ODCA member organizations.
  • The initiatives driven by standards bodies are also likely to overlap with Regulation work group initiatives influenced by regulation and compliance needs.

  • Accomplishments: Since inception, ODCA Regulation and Ecosystem work group has delivered:

  • Regulatory Framework: A framework to enhance understanding of regulatory obligations and industry specific standards, methods to manage and assure regulatory compliance, and cloud risk management process.
  • Commercial Framework Master Usage Model: Simplifying the definition and management of cloud contracts including regulatory obligations and business considerations.
  • Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency: This Usage Model establishes an open and standard approach for measuring the carbon footprint of services provided from the cloud.
  • Software Licensing Framework: Managing software entitlements in cloud computing environments.
  • Proof of concept and Implementations of ODCA Usage Models. Lead the POC for Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency Usage Model.
  • Contribute to the ODCA cloud maturity model.
  • Co-ordinate the planning and implementation of ODCA initiative to simplify yet enhance PEAT and Cloud Finder to drive the RFP and sourcing of cloud solutions and services that meet ODCA requirements and Regulatory mandates.


To learn more about this workgroup and to join in as a Contributing Member, please contact us.

Meet our Workgroup Chair and Members
Pankaj Fichadia
Management Assurance (Enterprise Transformation)
National Australia Bank
Chair, Regulation and Ecosystem workgroup

Bryon Baker
Service Planning Architect
National Australia Bank
Workgroup Member

Neel Blair
Senior Manager, GRC Framework and Tools
Disney Technology Solutions & Services,
The Walt Disney Company
Workgroup Member

Bette Clem
IT Program Manager
Workgroup Member

Percy Cohrs
The Walt Disney Company
Workgroup Member

Jose Gonzalez
Chief Business Development Officer
Trapezoid Digital Security Services, LLC
Workgroup Member

Karen Keehan
Director, ODCA Industry Collaborations
Workgroup Member

Tim Palmer
Senior Manager, Data Centre Transformation
National Australia Bank
Workgroup Member

Peter Pruijssers
Business Architect Cloud
Workgroup Member

Jerzy Rub
Information Security and Risk Manager
Intel Corporation
Workgroup Member

Mrigank Shekhar
Enterprise Platform Architect
Intel Corporation
Workgroup Member

Nico Steenkamp
Director Cloud Solution Services (Service Aggregation - Infrastructure Services)
Workgroup Member

Mick Symonds
Principal Solutions Architect
Workgroup Member

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