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Data Services Workgroup. Draft prioritized customer requirements for emerging data frameworks.

Address interoperability between Big Data and traditional data management solutions.

Focus on enterprise environments, address staff skill sets, integration of new technologies into existing ecosystems, execute PoCs & partner with industry standard bodies to drive maturity at the intersection of Big Data, data management and data in the cloud.


  • Workgroup Chairs

    Shawn Ramsey
    Shawn Ramsey
    Enterprise Data Architect
    at The Walt Disney Company
    Chair, Data Services Workgroup



  • Workgroup Participant Companies


    "We are excited to be part of Open Data Center Alliance because we know it's critical to work with end users to help them benefit from business intelligence transformation" said Alan Saldich, Vice President of marketing at Cloudera. "Knowing industry best practices, when and how to implement big data solutions, and what skill sets will be needed is critical."


    "With the massive growth in data in the next five years, the opportunity to harness new data sources for business advantage has never been greater," said Mitch Ferguson, vice president of business development at Hortonworks. "Hortonworks is joining the Open Data Center Alliance to work with its new data services workgroup to ensure open, industry standard solutions can meet the most pressing requirements of enterprise customers in their adoption of new datamanagement solutions like Apache Hadoop. We look forward to working with the ODCA to create implementation best practices and set requirements to speed these solutions to the marketplace."


    "Enterprises are undergoing tremendous challenges because of the explosion in data," said Jack Norris, vice president of marketing, MapR Technologies. "They are looking at the use of Big Data services as the best way to tap into their unstructured data sources in order to fuel insight. The Open Data Center Alliance's new charter towards requirements for enterprise adoption of Big Data services will help accelerate adoption by IT organizations. We're excited to join ODCA as a solutions provider member and work with organizations on delivery of solutions based on member priorities."


    "Data analytics is in our foundational DNA here at SAS. The opportunity to collaborate with a large group of enterprise analytics customer's data service innovation drove us to join ODCA." said Paul Kent, SAS Vice President of Big Data. "We look forward to working with other members on the data service workgroup towardsdelivery of common data frameworks and industry standards testing methodologies in order to accelerate market adoption."


    "Big Data is everywhere finally as companies understood that data accumulation and data processing mean new business opportunities," said Philippe Nicolas, Director of Product Strategy at Scality. "But IT challenges are not so easy to solve with massive volume of data to store, protect, serve and deliver to processing entities. Scality is a pure storage software, hardware agnostic, that enables petabyte scale storage at a very attractive cost based on a distributed philosophy. Adding data processing in a distributed storage environment will be critical and working with other solution providers and end-users within ODCA represents a very interesting opportunity to define best practices, new usage service models and also developp market adoption."


    "The explosion of new types of data and corresponding big data analytic applications have created business opportunities. Businesses that know how to leverage big data technology will be able to improve operational efficiency and to drive innovation," said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. "The ODCA's efforts to identify best practices for big data technology deployment will go a long way to help cutthrough the big data hype and find the real business value to support theirinitiatives."


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