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The Cloud Blogger program is just one of many opportunities for ODCA members to participate in shaping the future of cloud computing or highlight current successes in cloud deployment. Read about the work and experiences of our members as we accelerate the adoption of cloud solutions.

Forecast 2014 Day 3 Wrap-Up

Today was the third and final day of Forecast 2014 and it was filled with everything from the conclusion and judging of the 2 day hackathon to an incredible keynote and exciting hot topic panel discussions. Definitely something for everyone to learn and share.

The SDI datacenter of the future is here…now let’s distribute it more evenly

The science-fiction writer William Gibson once observed, “The future is already here—it’s just not very evenly distributed.” The same could be said of the today’s data centers.


Shannon Poulin

Day 2 Recap @ Forecast 2014

Today has been a tremendous day at Forecast 2014. Read on for a rundown of some of the day’s highlights and details about various sessions. Also, check out the ODCA mobile app to help plan your day and learn about this year’s Forecast.

Forecast Day 1 Highlights

This is the first year at Forecast where attendees were offered a full day of hands-on workshops delivered by ODCA workgroup members and it did not disappoint! Today many attendees got to experience a deep dive into cutting edge cloud solutions delivered by some of the industry’s top experts. Throughout the day four exciting topics were covered including; Implementing and Managing Cloud Networks, Enabled by Cloud, Exploring Platform as a Service, and Cloud Procurement and Commercials. Each workshop provided an in-depth interactive experience working through a variety of crucial cloud centric topics.

Can I get there from here?

Service Integration is the critical component that unifies the delivery of consistent, quality IT service in today’s global multisourcing model.


David Griffiths

The Shift Away From Managing Security by Compliance to Managing Security by Risk

In a world with ever evolving threat factors, enterprises must defend themselves 24/7. At Virtustream, we offer our Viewtrust Risk & Compliance Software to assess risks across all categories of vulnerability based on comprehensive, real-time intelligence.

Hackers welcome at ODCA Forecast Hackathon

We all need more cloud-aware applications to maximize our clouds. Send some developers to the ODCA hackathon to practice coding applications to run well in a cloud. Applications will be developed for Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco, CYCLE kids and CloudNOW non-profits.

The End of Shadow IT? The CIO as Strategic Ally for the Business

The blog discusses how CSB providers can help CIOs address the "shadow IT" issue in a constructive manner that encourages the business to see IT as a strategic ally.


Mike Constable

ODCA and its critical role in the journey towards openness, security, interoperability and portability of current and future data center ecosystems.

The momentum around cloud adoption and deployments has created a lot of buzz around standards and open source activity leading to market and customer confusion. We still have a fundamental question to answer – what do we really want and how do we get to a true open, secure, interoperable and portable cloud ecosystems?


Manish Patil

Appnomic Joins Forecast 2014 Speaking Session Focused on ODCA’s Proof of Concept (PoC): Enterprise Cloud Service Quality

Join Ray Solnik, President of Appnomic Systems, and Ed Simmons, Executive Director Platform Engineering at UBS and Co-Chair of the Infrastructure Workgroup at Open Data Center Alliance on September 23rd at Forecast 2014 to hear how Disney, Intel, Appnomic Systems, and the ODCA Infrastructure Work Group delivered a study of how to measure Standard Units of Measure (SUoM) across multiple cloud providers.

Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency usage model – Let’s win together

The Open Data Center Alliance is extremely pleased with “Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency usage model and POC” being named “Top Project of the Year 2014” by Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards! Now, let’s win together…

Posted on : 26 March 2014


Pankaj Fichadia

Taking the mystery out of the "Cloud" and how you can use it!

Cloud Mindshare – Ascending the Diffusion of Innovation Curve

The Diffusion of Innovation addresses the rate ideas and technologies are adopted by the masses. I’m a firm believer that cloud education is key to the speed at which the majority gets on board with new technologies. The problem is there are a lot of myths or old truths that are continually regurgitated which dilute new information about the cloud.

Posted on : 09 December 2013


Don Benjamin

The color of cloud computing: Measuring Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency from Utility to Bare metal

How will your organization choose to focus on Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency of computing to achieve the goal of sustainable IT transformation? A team of ODCA member organizationsimplemented the ODCA Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency Usage Model in a real world proof of concept test, and the results speak for themselves.

Posted on : 19 November 2013


Pankaj Fichadia

Right-sized event – a Solution Provider perspective on Forecast

Ever thought of an event that’s been chiseled just right for you? Too big and you are lost in the crowd and barrage of demos and messages. Too small and you are struggling to justify the investment for the trip. Too commercial and you are cluttered with sales and marketers. Too techie and you are overwhelmed with science projects.

Posted on : 5 August 2013


Nikhil Sharma

Software Defined Data Center: What’s your real goal? Incremental optimization or true business agility

Eric Pulier, CEO of ServiceMesh and member of TM Forum's Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

There is enormous change afoot in the enterprise IT vendor landscape. Consolidation, announcements, bold claims, counter-claims as well as backtracks, delays and pivots. The big, traditional players in the vendor community are doing everything they can to remain competitive and offer products and services that will keep them relevant.

Posted on : 2 July 2013


Eric Pulier
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