APPNOMIC SYSTEMS OVERVIEW. Appnomic Systems is a leading provider of preventive IT performance management and automation solutions enabling customers to avoid major IT incidents, improve mean time to repair, increase IT staff productivity, and achieve new levels of compliance. Appnomic delivers significant value to Enterprise and Cloud IT customers increasing their ability to leverage their IT operations for growth, profitability, and competitive advantage.

Appnomic’s award-winning AppsOne application performance management and OpsOne data center automation solutions leverage unique IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) and automation technologies to preventively manage and automate complex application performance, IT operations tasks, and labor intensive maintenance activities. The company’s solutions are available as Software as a Service (SaaS), enterprise licensed software, and as remote managed services (RIMS) from Appnomic or through Appnomic’s network of implementation partners.

The company’s North American headquarters are in Santa Clara, CA and global headquarters are in Bangalore, India. Appnomic Systems is backed by Norwest Venture Partners. For more information please visit the company’s website at

  • AppsOne's automated, advanced, preventive analytics can fuel an organization's revenue growth and eliminate costly IT expenses due to application stack performance issues. Appnomic's Application Behavior Learning (ABL), our unique approach to IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), provides three-dimensional metrics, automatically discovered application real usage patterns, automatically discovered monitoring thresholds (ATD), and real user experience monitoring. These technologies enable early detection of application performance issues, the ability to prevent IT accidents before they occur, enhance application load testing, and avoid costly capital expenses through capacity optimization. Appnomic's approach makes it possible for IT operations professionals to leverage the concept of Mean Time to Prevent (MTTP) to get in front of operations problems instead of traditional approaches to accelerate Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) after an incident or outage has already occurred. As we like to say, an "ounce of prevention" can mean millions of dollars in gains.

  • OpsOne is a pioneering IT Process Automation (ITPA) platform that enables practical, cost effective automation to improve productivity of various IT enabled processes and data center processes for enterprise IT, Cloud, and hybrid operations. OpsOne simplifies complex IT operations challenges and enforces compliance with internal & regulatory standards. Pre-built Solution Packs enable quick implementation of processes that have already been implemented in OpsOne and include password reset, systems back up automation and monitoring, server patch updates, among others. OpsOne enables fast, low cost, and low-risk adoption of IT automation with a modular deployment model, an available SaaS implementation model, and pay-as-you-consume pricing. Appnomic uniquely bundles Automation Sustenance Services that ensure automations retain their value and relevance even when systems interfaces or workflow changes. OpsOne automations have reduce IT operations costs by up to 60% for Appnomic's clients and can also radically improve customer satisfaction by consistently meeting SLAs and compliance requirements. By automating IT workflow and data center processes, Appnomic clients achieve enormous productivity gains and prevent numerous IT accidents that occur due to human error.

  • RIMS+, Appnomic’s remote infrastructure managed services delivers enterprise grade data center and internal IT management outsourcing with automation to customers worldwide. RIMS+ is differentiated by SLA-based service delivery anchored on Appnomic’s OpsOne automation software platform. Our automation based service delivery model provides for quick and efficient resolution of IT incidents and requests, giving your enterprise important productivity benefits and lowering the total cost of IT operations.

Appnomic helps clients successfully sustain automation with ongoing Automation Sustenance Services that are included in the service offering and provide ongoing adjustments to automation deployments to ensure the automations remain relevant and don't limit our clients' ability to upgrade systems and improve workflow. Sustenance Services is another differentiator that helps customers achieve sustained ROI out of their IT operations investments with Appnomic.



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