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Membership. We are a passionate group working together to deliver unified customer requirements for open, interoperable cloud solutions, under the leadership of the Alliance's Steering Group and with Intel as technical advisor. We welcome companies who share our vision and want to help shape the technology and services that will transform data centers and enable seamless, secure cloud computing.

As a member, you have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of global colleagues working on cloud issues and solutions. You will have early access to requirements in development. And you will be included in Alliance events and initiatives with IT leaders, solution providers, and standards organizations. There are a number of ways to get involved. Your voice is important – we hope you will join us.


  • Steering Group
The Open Data Center Alliance Steering Group is a community of IT leaders who direct the Alliance and oversee the Technical Workgroups. They share a long-term commitment to bringing the specified solutions to their businesses and promoting these solutions in the marketplace.


  • Contributor Members
Contributor membership is a special category for Adopter members who contribute resources to the Alliance Technical Workgroups to further the development of the Usage Models. Contributor members are selected and approved by the Steering Group. Annual Contributor membership dues are $5,000.

Contributor Membership Benefits


  • Solution Provider Members
Alliance Solution Provider members represent companies that provide IT solutions and services. They are committed to using the Alliance's Usage Models as a tool to guide their product planning process. They are approved for membership by the Steering Group. Annual Solution Provider membership dues are $3,000.

Solution Provider Membership Benefits


  • Adopter Members
Alliance Adopter members represent a broad mix of IT professionals worldwide, committed to using the Alliance's Usage Models to guide their data center purchase and planning decisions. Adopter members participate in the annual Alliance meeting. They are approved for membership by the Steering Group. Annual Adopter membership dues are $1,000.


 The Alliance counts with the support of more than 300 companies worldwide. Please VIEW our entire membership list.



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