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Andy Brown

Andy Brown
UBS Group CTO & Client Facing Technologies CIO

Andy Brown is a Group Managing Director at UBS serving as both the UBS Group CTO and UBS Client Facing Technology CIO. Along with his CTO team they are responsible for innovation, technology architecture, and portfolio alignment across business, back office, and core technology functions. Andy and the CFT organization are responsible for delivering a high-quality, client experience through the alignment of platforms, development of new services, and delivery of mobile capabilities.

Prior to joining UBS Andy held a number of high profile roles at other leading financial services firms:

  • Bank of America - led Enterprise Technology and Delivery strategy, architecture and optimization. In that role, Andy was responsible for driving technology strategy, architecture and convergence as well as introducing technology innovation.
  • Credit Suisse - CTO for Infrastructure from 2006 to 2008, where he oversaw its Global Virtualization Initiative.
  • Merrill Lynch - Managing director and chief technology architect. Andy spearheaded strategic plans, guidelines, technology governance processes and technology portfolio management. He originally joined Merrill Lynch in London in 1996, serving in roles in Europe and the US in infrastructure architecture and engineering, Equity Technology Architecture, GMI Architecture, GMI eCommerce, Global Networks and Market Data Services.
  • Banque Paribas - Andy led technology architecture for Capital Markets, based in London and Paris. His major achievement was the rollout of Windows/NT desktop across the PCM businesses, enabling a new generation of desktop financial instrument development and associated revenue streams.
  • Prior to that, Andy worked for British Telecom, Royal Dutch Shell and Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI).


He holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Physics from University College London

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Watch @opendatacenter webinar: Coexistence of #Cloud & Enterprise IT. #hybridcloud #cloudcomputing More

Avatar Open Data Center

Watch @opendatacenter webinar: Coexistence of #Cloud & Enterprise IT. #hybridcloud #cloudcomputing More

Avatar Open Data Center

Watch @opendatacenter webinar: Coexistence of #Cloud & Enterprise IT. #hybridcloud #cloudcomputing More


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