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ODCA flash seminars offer quick and essential tutorials that help you successfully integrate our usage models into your cloud and big data strategies.

Flash seminars are available both live and prerecorded. Get the answers to your questions from the experts who wrote our requirements and best practice papers.

Upcoming Flash Seminars

Date Topic Description
10 Nov, 2015 1:00 EST/5:00 GMT Coexistence: Hybrid Cloud Deployments & Enterprise Systems Business and IT leaders are understandably reluctant to retire considerable, legacy investment in technology, people, and processes due to security, risk, and regulatory compliance obligations. This creates a hybrid IT deployment model: an on-premise landscape of existing or legacy systems and off-premise cloud deployment of suitable IT capability.

Presenter: Ryan Skipp, co-chair of ODCA Business Work Group for ODCA, system architect for T-Systems and whitepaper co-author, as he shares cross-industry perspectives on the importance of Cloud and Enterprise Coexistence.
Duration: 60 min
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Past Flash Seminars

Date Topic Description
17 Mar, 2015 7:00 AM PT Cloud Service Brokering Cloud service brokerage is an emerging hot topic for cloud computing. These intermediary services are positioned between the cloud subscriber and one or more cloud providers, to enable fast and on-demand provisioning. This presentation will explore the new ODCA Cloud Services Brokering technical paper including key considerations and usage scenarios.

Presenter: Anand Chaganty, Product Manager & Prasanna Sridhar, Senior Technology Architect, Infosys
Duration: 45 min
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17 Feb, 2015 8:00 PT Capgemini & ODCA - Setting New Standards in the Cloud Market Capgemini and Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) have been working closely together for the past 4 years to develop the standards and approaches needed by the Cloud market place. Capgemini sees the Cloud as another form of IT service delivery provisioning in the same way of ‘grid’ or ‘mainframe computing’ in the past. It is viewed as one, valuable element of the balanced IT portfolio required by our clients. However, they also believe that the ‘easy to consume’ style of cloud is something that can be carried over into all areas of IT services supply through the orchestration of IT services. This presentation illustrates how Capgemini is continuing to develop hybrid IT services with its customers and the ODCA, helping the industry capitalize on opportunities presented by various forms of cloud services.

Presenter: Lance Friend, Senior Vice President Dynamic Services, Infrastructure Services, Capgemini
Duration: 45 min
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16 Sep, 2014 8:00 AM PST Advanced Analytics Enable Enterprise Cloud Attend this webinar to learn how advanced analytics are enabling enterprise grade cloud computing for quicker and more effective adoption of cloud services by enterprise. Attendees will learn about:

  • Cross-cloud measurement and management so you can compare one service provider to another with a relatively easy to deploy solution and keep them all accountable and performing at their best, for the best price/value.
  • New Application Behavior Learning (ABL) and pattern matching techniques that provide a means for comparing service providers in a normalized fashion – so you can compare apples to apples.
  • Actual results from a production grade ODCA sponsored proof of concept where Appnomic AppsOne software was deployed to help a large Fortune 500 enterprise measure and manage Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud, and the internal enterprise cloud operation in support of a mobile computing application.
  • How one bank is marrying analytics and automation to ensure a 2 second average transaction response time for their Internet banking users.

Finally, you will be introduced to the concept of a “Cloud Facts” label you can request of your service providers to better help you understand what you are buying and what you are getting – comparing one service provider to another. For pre-reading on this last item, you can check out a Network World article located in the attachments tab.

Presenter: Ray Solnik, President of Appnomic’s US operations
Duration: 45 min
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26 Aug, 2014 8:00 AM PST Cloud-Aware Applications Leveraging the unique benefits of the cloud requires a specialized approach to application architecture. The right design enables business agility, massive scaling, ability to burst, and high resiliency. Plus, it promotes resource efficiency and can minimize costs. The lack of cloud-aware applications hinders innovative hybrid cloud usages.

If you are involved in providing applications or services in the cloud, attend this webinar to learn the principles of cloud-aware application design and to explore emerging architectural patterns which maximize cloud advantages. This session will be presented by Catherine Spence, ODCA technical committee chair and Intel IT Principal Engineer.

Presenter: Catherine Spence, Intel & Dave Casper, Moogsoft
Duration: 45 min
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12 Aug, 2014 8:00 AM PST Enterprise IT Position on Cloud Security & Privacy This presentation reviews the first available enterprise IT perspective on security and privacy!

Organizations deploying cloud computing services need tools to understand and prepare for security and privacy threats. Recent reports highlight specific threats, and many people seeking cloud services express particular concern about some of the most well-known intrusions. Threats to corporate and government data are increasing and becoming more sophisticated, but high-profile, newsworthy, individual threats should not be the focus of an organization’s security posture. Instead organizations should apply a consistent process and develop security risk management that incorporates their cloud service providers and cloud technologies.

This presentation identifies the security frameworks, best practices, and ODCA usage models enterprises should deploy to integrate cloud services into their risk management program.

Presenter: Ian Lamont, Chair, Security Workgroup at ODCA & IT Security Specialist, BMW
Duration: 45 min
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15 July, 2014 8:00 - 8:45 AM PST Leveraging Application Deployment Automation in the Cloud Faster time to deployment is a vital component of cloud computing, regardless of what cloud platforms you are using. Automating the deployment of your applications can significantly speed up launch time and simplify management.

Dell Cloud Manager allows you to easily create reusable application blueprints. Design and configure an application stack once, then save for future use. Any authorized user can leverage the blueprint as a ready-made template, or simply deploy to the cloud platform of their choice at the click of a button. Using Chef or Puppet? We integrate with both - or you can use our built-in service catalog.

Attendees will learn how the following things can benefit any organization leveraging the cloud for application delivery:
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Service catalog
  • Configuration management tools

Dell Cloud Manager is a cloud infrastructure management solution that enables you to deploy and manage enterprise applications across public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. With Dell Cloud Manager’s single-pane-of-glass interface, it’s easy to centrally manage all your clouds with increased security, governance, and agility.

Presenter: James Urquhart, Director of Product Strategy, Cloud Systems Management, Dell Software
Duration: 45 min
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06 May, 2014 8:00 - 8:45 AM PST The Open Data Center Alliance Usage Model Overview The Open Data Center Alliance is a not-for-profit organization aimed at accelerating enterprise cloud adoption by developing a unified vision of customer requirements.

This presentation will cover the purpose and structure of the ODCA work groups before diving deeper into the architectural framework and service tiers developed by the ODCA. We will discuss the work and publications completed by our members to accelerate cloud adoption. The final piece of the presentation will be to provide insight into current and future projects on the technical coordination committees road-map.

Presenter: Ryan Skipp, T-Systems & Catherine Spence, Intel
Duration: 45 min
Link to Register:
17 Apr, 2014 8:00 - 8:45 AM PST The Security of Big Data: An Enterprise Perspective Everyone knows that there are risks associated with moving enterprise data to a Cloud and everyone knows the huge potential that the analytics of Big Data can bring especially when using the Cloud, but what happens when these two converge.

The presentation will discuss some of the security and privacy challenges associated with Big Data in the Cloud and will present a number of key initiatives that the ODCA have done to support enterprises that wish to take this step.

Presenter: Ian Lamont, BMW Group
Duration: 45 min
Link to Register:
08 Apr, 2014 8:00 AM PST ODCA Solution Showcase: Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub solution Build and manage a Cloud ecosystem that can deliver financial and performance benefits: Learn how a powerful combination of cloud, global delivery model and Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub solution can deliver a trusted cloud ecosystem for your enterprise.

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12 Mar, 2014 7:00 AM PST Cloud Maturity Model The Open Data Center Alliance Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) provides an end-to-end visualization for how the use of cloud in the enterprise develops over time (adoption roadmap) and how the enterprise’s ability to adopt cloud-based services within defined governance and control parameters increases.
04 Mar, 2014 8:00 - 8:45 AM ODCA Service Orchestration Use Cases and Customer Requirements Service orchestration is a paradigm that supports cloud providers in arranging, coordinating, and managing computing resources as a system of components and automated workflows that can be delivered as cloud services to cloud consumers. The scope of this involves three types of system components—the service layer, the resource abstraction and control layer, and the physical resource layer—which are the underlying foundations of the cloud provider’s offerings provided in a service catalog.

This webinar discusses content from the document, “ODCA Master Usage Model: Service Orchestration.” The session illustrates the usage model for service discovery and orchestration for cloud services. This usage model includes the components, repositories, data structures, conversation maps, and workflows that assist a cloud consumer in defining required services, and the associated cloud provider to orchestrate services to meet objectives determined by the cloud subscriber and for the appropriate context of use. It defines automation required for orchestration that includes programmatic interfaces, interaction patterns, control interfaces, and lifecycle management.

Presenters: Ryan Skipp, T-Systems & Stephanie Woolson, Lockheed Martin
Duration: 45 min
Link to Register:
18 Feb, 2014 Monitoring and Diagnostics of Software-defined networking with EMC’s Smarts tech The dynamic and flexible nature of cloud and software defined networking has compelling benefits, but it makes visibility and control of Service levels harder. For example: it’s hard to debug a performance issue in this fluid environment. It is for this reason that ODCA’s usage model on Software defined networking clearly highlights the requirement of monitoring and diagnostics of the service levels. EMC’s SMARTS technologies will solve this very problem. In this webinar EMC will discuss their SMARTS technology and how it addresses the monitoring and diagnostics requirements of the software defined networking usage model publication by the ODCA.
04 Feb, 2014 Scale-Out Storage Master Usage Model Join this session to discuss the Scale-Out Storage MUM and to learn more about best practices for adopting the requirements.
21 Jan, 2014 SDN Solution Showcase: CohesiveFT Solutions and Services aligned with the Software Defined Networking MUM by CohesiveFT
7 Jan, 2014 Software Defined Networking Usage Model Participate in this seminar to get a deeper understanding of the ODCA standards for SDN. Our technical experts will draw from their personal experience and highlight organizations using the UM.
17 Dec, 2013 10:00 AM US PT Carbon Footprint & Energy Efficiency Proof of Concept Panel Discussion The ODCA worked with members to execute proof-of-concept (PoC) testing to investigate and validate the ODCA Usage Model: Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency. This panel discussion with the PoC authors will give an in-depth look at the test results and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

The start time for this presentation has been moved to 10:00 am US PT to accommodate the time difference for the presenters.
03 Dec, 2013 Data Security Usage Model ODCA technical experts discuss the Data Security UM and the considerations that went into its creation. Find out how our members are using the standards to drive more secure cloud deployments.
19 Nov, 2013 Introduction to the Open Data Center Alliance This short introduction to the Open Data Center Alliance explains our vision, accomplishments and what is next for the organization. John will explain how members contribute to the creation and adoption of ODCA requirements and how you can get involved.
05 Nov, 2013 10:00 AM US PT Information as a Service Usage Model Members of the ODCA technical committee will discuss the newly released Information as a Service MUM and how organizations can use these requirements today to address big data issues and challenges.

The start time for this presentation has been moved to 10 :00 am US PT to accommodate the time difference for the presenters from National Australia Bank.
15 Oct, 2013 Applying ODCA Usage Models - A Solution Provider's perspective The ODCA Master Usage Models for CIaaS and Service Orchestration provide the basis for how consumers want to receive cloud services. In order to put these models into production at scale, organizations rely on Solution Providers to align their product technology capabilities with established best practices. In this short webinar, ScienceLogic will describe how out-of-the-box solutions can align with these Usage Models to provide accelerated value.
01 Oct, 2013 Compute Infrastructure as a Service Master Usage Model Learn about the ODCA Compute Infrastructure as a Service Master Usage Model from the experts who contributed to its creation. Find out how our members are using the standards and incorporating them into their cloud deployments and purchasing decisions.

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