Steering Committee

Technical Workgroup Chairs.The Open Data Center Alliance has established workgroups in five categories that cover essential areas of cloud computing. Each one of these categories is lead by a Workgroup Chair that is dedicated to the Alliance's work.

David Casper
Co-Chair, Infrastructure Workgroup

Pankaj Fichadia
Management Assurance (Enterprise Transformation)
National Australia Bank
Chair, Regulation and Ecosystem Workgroup

Ian Lamont
IT Security Specialist
Co-Chair, Security Workgroup

Shawn Ramsey
Enterprise Data Architect
at The Walt Disney Company
Chair, Data Services Workgroup

Ed Simmons
Executive director Platform Engineering
Co-Chair, Infrastructure Workgroup

Ryan Skipp
DTAG/T-Systems Portfolio & Solution Development
Chair, Manageability & Services Workgroup

Matt Estes
Data Services Work Group Co-Chair
Services Work Group CO-Chair

Johann Krebbers
Management Work Group Co-Chair

Eric Kristoff
Infrastructure Work Group Chair

Matt Lowth
Principal Security Architect
National Australia Bank
Co-Chair, Security Workgroup

Claude Noshpitz
Principal Technical Architect at AT&T
Co-Chair, Infrastructure Workgroup

Bala Rasaratnam
Enterprise Information
Architect at National Australia Bank
Co-Chair, Data Services Workgroup

Andrew Stokes
Services Work Group Co-Chair

Chris Swan
Infrastructure Work Group Chair

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