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Accelerating adoption and shaping the future of cloud computing


Learn about ODCA usage models. Hear industry leaders share best practices and further your insight on adoption through webcasts and videos. Join us and share your success story.


Use the ODCA tools to start building your RFPs and find cloud services and providers who match your organization’s needs. Learn more about ODCA members.


Find out how the ODCA influences the industry standards by working with leading standard bodies to shape the future of cloud computing. Join us in promoting open cloud standards and interoperable solutions.


The ODCA drives the next generation of cloud computing by developing new requirements and usage models. Help us accelerate the adoption of cloud technology.

Opportunities for Engagement

Define RFPs based on our usage models by matching cloud services to our requirements.

Cloud Service Provider Search Tool

Find service providers that meet your cloud needs and are in alignment with our requirements.


Engage with industry peers and take part in learning opportunities for cloud integration in your organization.

Cloud Expert Network

Raise your hand and join our Cloud Expert Network, the ODCA brain trust for meeting today’s cloud challenges and accelerating adoption.

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RT @pankaj_fichadia: China Unicom's #Cloud enabled #IT #architecture > using #ODCA UM provides path of lowest risk http://t.co/fuPVgX4n4m...Read More

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RT @idgenterprise: 70% of enterprises say CIO/top IT exec involved in #cloud purchase process http://t.co/PquZwMbAGj http://t.co/pv7dxAp5so...Read More

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Excited to announce a partnership w/ @accacloud @CloudWSeries Asia today. Looking forward to #cloud collaboration http://t.co/6EdevdCLzC...Read More


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